Artist working in Martinez, California
Artist's Statement
For me there is great satisfaction in engaging the resistance and compliance of traditional materials for making art. I believe that this self indulgence still has a justifiable place in any technological age. An art object can pass on the contemplative aspects of its making. It doesn’t have to speak a particular language to have effect and it may speak to the time of its making or beyond. Whatever a crafted object can or cannot do, there remains the fact some people just like to make stuff.
My sculptures are constructed of several possible varieties of wood including Western Maple, Basswood, Sugar Pine, and Jelutong. I have used artist’s oil paints and/or acrylics for the poly-chromed pieces. Sometimes I’m asked if the heads depict someone in particular. Instead, I see them as small meditations that share some of the same gestural intent as the other pieces. 

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